STNR - 3 Gram THC-A Disposable

Sale priceR 1,850.00


Every THC-A Disposable we craft comes with an assurance of high quality. Its 3-gram size promises extended satisfaction, allowing you to fully savour its impact.

Our disposable vape pen’s design caters to everyone, from beginners to experts. Its portable nature lets you carry it anywhere. STNR Creations prioritizes purity and strength, offering a product that not only fulfils but surpasses your expectations.

Banana Kush:
Step into a world of calm with our 3 Gram THC-A Disposable Banana Kush. Its perfect fusion of taste and efficacy makes it an essential choice for a peaceful retreat.

Green Goblin:
Discover the vibrant escape offered by our 3 Gram THC-A Green Goblin Disposable. Its perfect blend of flavour and effective delivery makes it a must-have for anyone seeking an escape.

Hawaiian Haze:
Savour the tropical tranquillity with our 3 Gram THC-A Disposable Hawaiian Haze. Its harmonious blend of exotic flavour and effective delivery makes it a top choice for those seeking a tropical retreat.

With the THC-A Kryptonite Disposable, expect a complex blend of earthy and pine notes, offers an amazing flavoured taste.

Raspberry Kush:
As you inhale, the blend of sweet raspberry and light earthy notes takes over your senses, offering a truly relaxing experience. Perfect for enjoying quiet moments.

Wedding Crasher:
The intricate mix of berry and grape flavors, complemented by a floral sweetness, envelops your senses with each inhale. This creates a calming and pleasurable vaping journey. It’s an ideal for moments of relaxation and enjoyment.

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