8 Ball - Tropical Lychee Ice Shot 120ml

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8 Ball - Tropical Lychee Ice.
Juicy tropical Lychee from the sub-tropic capitals of the world, drenched in drops of melted ice to give you that mouth-watering summer taste of freshness.

Flavour Shot (120ml Bottle) + VG Base 80ml + Nicotine Shot 10ml = 120ml E-Liquid

DIY Longfill Guide:

  • Remove the lid
  • Remove the top cap
  • Fill with 10ml Nic Shot (Purchased Separately)
  • Fill with 80ml VG (Purchased Separately)
  • Replace top cap & lid
  • Shake well to mix
  • Enjoy!

Note: May require 1-2 days steeping for optimum flavour.

Product not to be vaped as is.
Product needs to be diluted with VG Base and Nicotine.

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