Wotofo Ultra 3000 puff disposable

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Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen

An Ultimate Disposable Vape Device

The Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen is a disposable vape that brings you the best qualities of a high-end and premium vaping device with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a disposable vape device. The vaping world is full of brilliant possibilities for the more enthusiastic vapers. However, the products designed to give you the best experience usually come at a higher cost. People curious about vaping tend to delve into low-end disposable devices to try them out, only to be disappointed by the underwhelming experience they deliver. Unfortunately, it means that they are deprived of what a high-quality vaping experience can be like.

The Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen is our solution for beginner-level vaping enthusiasts who want to enjoy the real experience at a fraction of the cost. This high-quality vape comes in a wide variety of exciting flavors especially crafted for our disposable vape line, to ensure that you do not miss out on the exotic flavors typically available exclusively for high-end devices. The Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen boasts a massive e-juice capacity that ensures your experience lasts a long time and a rechargeable battery that combines with its ideal resistance rating to deliver up to 3,000 incredibly flavorful puffs with each pull.

Why The Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen Is A Device That You Will Love

Vaping is not for everyone, but for the people who love vaping, it is the most exhilarating experience ever. But how can someone who doesn’t vape get an idea of whether vaping is a lifestyle that will suit them? Spending too much money on an expensive vape only to realize it isn’t for you is a waste of time and money. However, choosing a low-end vape pen with an underwhelming performance ruins your chances of experiencing what life can be like with the best vaping devices.

The Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen comes in as our solution to cater to curious new vapers so that they can enjoy the premium experience without burning a hole in their pockets. Here are a few reasons why the Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen is a device that you will love.

All the Fun, Without The Hassle

The Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen looks and feels exactly how you would expect a premium vape pen to look and feel. One of the biggest problems with standard vapes is that you have to take so much care of them, change their coils, refill their e-juice, and do a host of other maintenance tasks. Not everybody wants to do that, especially when they are just trying something out because it can take all the fun out of the vaping experience. With the Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen, you can forget about device maintenance. Just charge the vape pen and take puffs from it whenever you feel like it.

A Range Of Exciting Flavors

Experience new and unique flavors through the Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen. We boast a massive collection of exciting flavors that take the vaping experience to a whole new level, and the variety is not limited to just high-end vape devices. Here are some of the flavors available with the Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen:

Strawberry Banana Ice
Strawberry Ice Cream
Watermelon Ice
Mango Peach Pineapple Ice
Blueberry Raspberry Ice
Grape Ice
Guava Kiwi Passion Fruit
Sour Apple
Gummy Bear
Frozen Strawberry Grape
Salty Lemon Cone
Cantoloupe Bubble Gum
Pecan Cream Pie
Peach Lemonade
Cherry Dragon Fruit
Cranberry Apple
Strawberry Raspberry Grapefruit

No more FOMO about missing out on the best flavors vapes can provide. The Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen features an 8.5 ml capacity in its tank to ensure that you can fully enjoy a flavorful vaping experience while the disposable vape device lasts without worrying about refilling the e-juice.

A Disposable Vape Pen That Lasts

The Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen boasts a 550 mAh battery capacity and a Mesh Coil heating core made by nexMESH Tech with a 1.4 Ohms resistance rating. The device features a Micro USB port to support fast charging for your device, ensuring that you can quickly recharge your device and continue vaping without worries. The 8.5 ml capacity for the e-juice combined with the right balance between power and performance ensures that the e-juice lasts as long as the device does. The Wotofo Ultra Vape Pen is designed to give you up to 3,000 flavorful puffs of dense vapor so you can experience what the very best disposable vape devices in the market have to offer at a fraction of the cost.


Product Size: 24.6 mm * 112.8 mm
Battery Capacity: 500 mAh
E-Liquid Capacity: 8.5 ml
Puff Count: Up to 3000
Heating Core: Mesh Coil by nexMESH Tech
Coil Resistance: 1.4 Ohms
Nicotine Salt: 50mg/20mg
Material: Food Grade PC
Charging Port: Type C

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