JEL - MTL/Salts 30ml Flavor Shot

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Royal D'Luxe - A delectable shortbread cookie that has been baked to a buttery and creamy perfection!

FLIP - Fizzy Lemonade infused Passion, Peach and Pine.

SNLV 18 Ice - Strawberry, Naartjie, Litchi And Vanilla with Ice.

Cherry Crush - A cooling cherry menthol.

Spearz - Those old school green wrapper spearmint sweets without the hole in the middle.

SNLV 18 - Strawberry, Naartjie, Litchi And Vanilla.

FLIP N ICE - Fizzy Lemonade infused Passion, Peach and Pine with ice.

Arabica Latte - Authentic Arabica Bean Espresso & Steamed Milk.

Havana Gold - A gourmet golden custard and tobacco blend.

Nutty Arabica Dunked - A Creamy Caramel and Butterscotch Cookie Dunked into a Cup of Steamy Creamy Arabica Latte.

Nutty Crunch Cookie - Caramel and roasted oats crunchy cookie

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