Nasty - 9000 Puff Rechargeable Disposable

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Nasty Rechargeable Bar 9000 Puff 50mg

Nasty is a company that stems from the need to help the ever-evolving smoking landscape. Nasty understands prides themselves in constantly improving ENDS Solutions in a way that tailors to the needs their market.

As pioneers in crafting vape flavours, you can expect nothing less than flavours at its best. This device range includes a mesh coil, 50mg nicotine, a puff count of 9000, and 15 exciting flavours. With all these features what better a way to give a taste of what Nasty has to offer.

As innovators, the company also decides to include a liquid and battery indicator scree. This will help keep you informed on your device’s progress throughout the day. This takes removes the guess-work, and lets you know when to recharge your device and when your tank is empty. All this comes together make your experience so much easier!

Each device comes as an individual item.

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